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Pica & Lead Poisoning (5 KB)

La Pica Y El Envenenamiento Por Plomo (5 KB)

Lead Education Home Visiting Program: SL County Health (5 MB)

Lead Education Home Visiting Program: SL County Health (5 MB)

Lead Poisoning Prevention: SL County Health

The Maternal Child Health Lead Poisoning prevention Toolkit

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Recognized Lead Paint Test Kit Fact Sheet (81 KB)

Why Toxic Chemicals Are More Dangerous to Children (289 KB)

Lead Exposure Questionnaire (227 KB)

This questionnaire should be administered to children from 6 months to 6 years of age at well-child visits. Blood lead testing is recommended on all children at 1 and 2 years of age and up to age 6 years if never tested.

English (227 KB)

Spanish (65 KB)

Prenatal Lead Risk Questionnaire (93 KB)

This questionnaire is an important part of planning for a family and informs expecting mothers or those planning pregnancy on their level of risk for exposing their unborn child to lead.

Parent Guide for Child with Elevated Blood Lead Level (704 KB)

This handout gives follow-up information for a parent whose child has an elevated blood lead level.

How to Avoid Lead Poisoning Brochure (1.1 MB)

Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home Booklet

This booklet helps create an understanding of how lead gets into the body, affects health and how you can protect your family from it. Available in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Somali, and Vietnamese.

Nutrition Guideline for Decreasing Lead Absorption (500 KB)

The WIC program provides services and supplemental foods to low income pregnant women, new mothers, and infants and children up to their 5th birthday. Their Proper Nutrition Guide offers advice on how to slow the body’s absorption of lead.

English (500 KB)

Spanish (3 MB)

Lead Awareness Recipe Handout

This lead-safe nutrition pamphlet from the EPA includes healthy recipes for snacks and meals which compliment a low-lead absorption diet. Available in English and Spanish.

Baby Watch Early Intervention Program

Provides support and services to families with children up to age three years who have developmental delays or disabilities through early screening and detection, data integration, care coordination, education, intervention, and life transitions. See their list of local programs here.

Guide to Lead Filters for Water

This EPA guide provides guidance on third-party certifications for lead reduction and important information regarding point-of-use (POU) water filter selection.

Certified Water Testing Labs for Lead and Cooper (184 KB)

More reliable than home testing kits, these labs are certified to reliably test for items like paint, dust, and soil for lead content.

School Water Testing Information

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Utah Department of Health (DOH) are partnering with Utah schools to conduct voluntary sampling for lead in their drinking water.

How to get your Soil Tested for Lead

Soil Analysis Information Sheet (170 KB)

Soil Testing for Lead (289 KB)

Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting Guide

The Utah Lead Coalition recommends using a contractor certified to work with lead-based paint (see list above). If, however, you are doing the work yourself, you should follow the safe practices described in this brochure to protect everyone from the lead hazards generated.

List of Lead-Based Paint Certified Contractors (669 KB)

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has compiled a list of contractors who have been certified to work with lead-based paint. If you plan to do a renovation on a home or building built before 1978, it is more likely to contain lead-based paint. Safeguard your family and use a contractor certified to work with lead-based paint.

Occupational Blood Lead Guideline (183 KB)

Houses Built Prior to 1978 in Salt Lake County Map

Lead-based paint was banned in 1978. Use this map to see if your home, or a home you visit, increases your family’s risk.

Salt Lake County Lead-Safe Housing Program

Salt Lake County offers free services for those who qualify. This includes a home risk assessment and remediation if necessary. Find out if you qualify today!

Salt Lake County Lead Safe Housing Videos

Elizabeth Testimonial

Jaime Testimonial

Lead Safe Mama

Information on household items, toys and other products containing lead

Utah Poison Control Center
(800) 222-1222

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