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Pica & Lead Poisoning (5 KB)

La Pica Y El Envenenamiento Por Plomo (5 KB)

Lead Education Home Visiting Program: SL County Health (5 MB)

Lead Poisoning Prevention: SL County Health

The Maternal Child Health Lead Poisoning prevention Toolkit

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Recognized Lead Paint Test Kit Fact Sheet (81 KB)

Curriculum: USEE Curriculum

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Why Toxic Chemicals Are More Dangerous to Children (289 KB)

Lead Exposure Questionnaire (227 KB)

This questionnaire should be administered to children from 6 months to 6 years of age at well-child visits. Blood lead testing is recommended on all children at 1 and 2 years of age and up to age 6 years if never tested.

English (227 KB)

Spanish (65 KB)

School Water Testing Information

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Utah Department of Health (DOH) are partnering with Utah schools to conduct voluntary sampling for lead in their drinking water.

How to Avoid Lead Poisoning Brochure (1.1 MB)

How to get your Soil Tested for Lead

Soil Analysis Information Sheet (170 KB)

Soil Testing for Lead (289 KB)

How to work with kids with elevated BLL: CDC Educational Interventions for Children Affected by Lead (1.5 MB)

This report outlines available scientific data describing the adverse effects of lead, summarizes the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) parts B and C, and provides information on how these provisions relate to children affected by lead. The document also describes major gaps in our scientific understanding of educational interventions for reversing academic problems in children affected by lead.

Impact of Lead on learning: Impact of Early Childhood Exposure on Educational Test performance (151 KB)

This report presents results of an analysis on lead exposure and testing scores. Early childhood lead exposure negatively affected scores in both reading and mathematics.

Lead Impact on Learning (1 MB)

Many think of lead as an issue of the past. For many children, lead exposure can still affect a child’s ability to learn. Read this report to learn more about the effects of lead exposure in the classroom.

Nutrition Guideline for Decreasing Lead Absorption (512 KB)

Proper nutrition can slow the body’s absorption of lead. This diet guide offers advice on how to prevent lead absorption. The WIC program provides services and supplemental foods to low income pregnant women, new mothers, and infants and children up to their 5th birthday.

English (512 KB)

Spanish (3 MB)

Lead Safe Mama

Information on household items, toys and other products containing lead

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